Calling for tenders for a new roof on Llangollen Museum - Posted 21st June 2024

Llangollen Museum is delighted to announce that we have succeeded in obtaining funding to totally replace our badly leaking roof. Due to the unique nature of the Museum building we will need to replace the existing timber rafters with steel beams, in order to make the roof rigid and reduce the spreading force on the walls.

Llangollen Museum are inviting tenders from contractors for the work to replace the roof. Below are links to all of the tender documentation, including plans, specifications, health and safety information, contractor's roles and responsibilities etc.


The existing Museum is located in a central location within Llangollen. The nature of the proposed works will require the Museum to be closed whilst the work is being conducted, the co-ordination and timing of the closure is to be carefully developed and agreed with ourselves. It is currently proposed for the Museum to be closed from Monday 12th August 2024 until December 2024 to allow for the proposed works. At the present time 10th December 2024 is the absolute latest possible completion date, therefore, works should be completed before with an allowance for a suitable contingency of time. It may be possible that this date can be extended, but, due to circumstances beyond our control (see important note below), we will not know whether this is possible until the end of July. 


The proposed programme and timing will need to consider lead in times, preparation for protection of the interior of the Museum from weather, road/ footpath closures, site security, safety on site and to those passing the site and using the surrounding area. Contingency should be built into the programme for unforeseen items (if found to be required.) Inspections by a Chartered Structural Engineer have been undertaken to assist in reducing this risk but all of the structure is not visible. Please provide a tender, programme and method statement for the proposed works. Include proposed measures to ensure site security such as hoarding and alarmed scaffolding within the Method Statement, along with the nominated site foreman (who is to be on site at all times that work is being conducted.) 


The method statement must include how materials are to be stored (new and old) and how waste management and access to the proposed site will be co-ordinated. The project will be notifiable under CDM 2015, therefore, CDM Regulations compliance will be essential. A Construction Phase Plan will be required prior to the commencement of works. Provide a copy of your insurance with the tender returns (minimum 5 million public liability insurance for any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of one event.) Provide a breakdown of the tender using the 'Specification' (specifically the final page) to assist with tender analysis, along with a programme length. Please note that the overall price will be dominant.  


With input from commercial contractors Llangollen Museum has budgeted 242,000 for the roof replacement work (but see imprtant note below). This is the maximum value that can be included in any tender to cover all costs associated with the work, including all materials and all labour, as well as all related costs, such as road closures, traffic management and delivery costs. The maximum value must also include V.A.T., where applicable. If any or all of the tendered work is exempt from V.A.T. then proof of that exemption must be submitted as part of the tender.  


The completed form of tender is to be e-mailed to and copied to and, not later than 5pm on on Tuesday 9th July 2024, after which the Trustees of Llangollen Museum will meet to decide on which contractor to appoint. The successful applicant will be informed by 5pm on Friday 12th July 2024 - but see the important note below.


In order to help fulfil our environmental commitments for this programme, any contractor bidding for this work must be based within a 40 mile radius of Llangollen.


If you have any queries or wish to have clarification of any of the points included in this invitation to tender, please initially contact David Crane at, on 01978 861760 or 07852 726934.


Important note: Due to the impending General Election, one of the funding agencies is unable to sign the Grant Funding Agreement with Llangollen Museum at this time. They are unable to confirm that the funding is 100% secure until after the election. The best estimate that we have been able to obtain is that this decision (which will be a policy decision by the new government) should be made within 2 to 3 weeks of the Election date.


We are inviting tenders now in order that construction work can start as soon as we get confirmation that our funding award will be honoured. However, it should be understood by all contractors submitting a tender that, due to these issues, which are beyond our control, it is possible that the project may have to be delayed until 2025 or, in a worst case scenario, cancelled. Whatever the outcome, Llangollen Museum accepts no liability for any costs incurred by contractors in putting together their tenders.


Please indicate to the contact details given above if you intend to submit a tender by the given closure date. 


David Crane and Scott Desert BA(Hons) BArch RIBAd, on behalf of the Trustees of Llangollen Museum.



Contractor roles and responsibilities CDM 2015

Health and Safety File Covering Letter


Pre-Construction Information and H&S Risk Assessment

Building Regulations Text Document

Design and Access Statement

Green Infrastructure Statement

Drawing Issue Sheet - BR











Llangollen Museum Existing A1 EX01

Llangollen Museum Proposed A1 SK01

Llangollen Museum Proposed A1 SK02

Llangollen Museum Structural Calculations

Finishes Schedule

Photographic Document


Drain Survey Report

Llangollen Museum Drainage Report

Guttercrest Estimate

Guttercrest aluminium shaped box gutter

Guttercrest aluminium square and rectangular downpipes

Guttercrest Roaming Gutter Flow Output

Llangollen Museum Roof Inspection Report Photos

Llangollen Museum Preliminary Roost Assessment Report

Client responsibilities CDM 2015