Legends of St Collen

Llangollen is named after the 7th century saint who founded the town. Llan is the Welsh word for enclosure and the name, therefore, means Collen's Enclosure. It was a common practice amongst the early Christian saints to leave their church and establish a cell in some other location in order to help spread the Christian story. Go to the arrow below to discover the legends associated with St Collen.

Legends of Dinas Bran Castle

Dinas Bran Castle had a very short active life but is steeped in legend. Go to the arrow below to discover the legends of Dinas Bran.

Stories of Owain Glyndwr

Owain Glyndwr lived over 600 years ago and yet today remains one of the most heroic figures in Welsh history. Go to the arrow below to see the stories about Glyndwr.
Upper Dee

Tales From the Upper Dee Valley

Click on the arrow below to discover legends from the upper Dee valley. You will read about the birth of Bala Lake (Llyn Tegid), the legend of Ceridwen and Taliesin, the White Stag of Llangar, ghostly happenings in Corwen and Old Emyr's ghost at Carrog Station.

World's End and the Eglwyseg Valley

Steeped in legend and history, the Eglwyseg Valley is home to stories dating back over a thousand years. From witches and captured princesses to giants and illegitimate children of the Queen of England, the Eglwyseg Valley and World's End has seen it all.

Legends of the Lower Dee and Ceiriog Valleys

Go to the arrow below to find links to pages that will recount legends of Chirk and the Ceiriog Valley.

Digital Trails and Stories

Below are links to seven digital trails to upload to your mobile devices, allowing you to explore the actual sites of different myths and legends of the Dee Valley.

Short Myths and Legends Films

Different local community groups have got togaether to produce short films about their chosen local legend. Filmed and edited on mobile devices the films provide an entartaining summary of some of the myths and legends of the area. The stories of Owain Glyndwr have been recreated via a resurrection of the Owain Glyndwr Puppet Theatre from Corwen. Go to the arrow below to view the films.