Llangollen Museum Archives

Llangollen Museum has around 10,000 artefacts, documents and photographs in the collection. Go to the arrow below to search for items that interest you.

Museum Programmes

Llangollen Museum always has a number of programmes running to help improve access to and knowledge of the fascinating heritage of Llangollen and the surrounding area. Go to the arrow below to find out details of our current and recent programmes.

History of the Area

Discover a little of the fascinating history of this unique area in the borderlands of Wales. This Site will guide you through some of the different aspects of the heritage of the region, from the Stone Age, through the Romans and the Normans and on into the last two centuries. You can find out about the people and places, stories myths and legends, shops and businesses and many other areas of the history.

What's On at the Museum

Go to the arrow below to find links to pages that will tell you what is happening at Llangollen Museum - talks, events, meetings, trips etc.

Heritage Films

Llangollen Museum has a number of short films about different aspects of the history of the town. Some of these are films or digital stories focussing on the history of different places. Others are clips of historical archive footage. Go to the arrow below to search for items that interest you.