Those commemorated on the Garth, Trevor and District WWI memorial - as they appear on the memorial

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  1. Bebb, David. Pte. RWF.

  2. Clutton, William. Gnr. RGA.

  3. Davies, Evan Goronwy. Pte. RWF.

  4. Davies, Iorwerth. Pte. SWB.

  5. Edwards, John Francis. Coster. Captn.

  6. Jones, John Edward. Pte. RWF.



  1. Jones, Henry Evan. Pte. 5th South Lancs.

  2. Jones, John. Sig. RWF.

  3. Jones, David. Can. E. F.

  4. Jones, Samuel. Pte. RWF.

  5. Lambert, Jesse. Pte. RWF.

  6. Morris, John Edward. Lnc. Cpl. RWF.


  1. Price, Albert. Pte. RWF.

  2. Pullen, George. DCM. Pte. RWF.

  3. Parry, Richard Herbert. Pte. ASC.

  4. Roberts, Llewellyn. Pte. RWF.

  5. Roberts, James. Dvr. RFA.

  6. Wagg, Benjamin. Spr. RE.