Our Volunteers, Helpers and Colleagues

Llangollen Museum is a totally volunteer run charity (No. 1103113) and a company limited by guarantee (No. 14159)

Name Role
Pam Taylor Chair of the Trustees / Treasurer / Director / Curator
Gill Smith Museum Manager / Trustee / Curator / Archeology Adviser
Peter Jones Trustee / Director / Curator
Margaret Jones Trustee / Director / Curator
Keith Sullivan Trustee / Director / Curator
Darrel Blades Trustee / Director / Curator
Jeanette Robinson Trustee / Director / Curator
John Pugh Trustee / Director / Curator
Suzanne Evans Trustee / Director / Archeology Adviser / Shop Director
Gareth Benjamin Trustee / Director
David Crane Museum Adviser / Curator / Shop Director
Kerry Griffiths Trustee / Curator
Mike Gleed Safety Officer / Curator
Moira Gleed Art Gallery Organiser / Curator
Sam Thomson Curator
Heather Aspinwall Curator
Rhys Davies Curator
James White Curator
Lisa Smith Curator
Alexis McCallen Curator
Lynn Hartley Curator
Lori Liddle Curator
Adam Gibbs Curator
Paul Coleman Shop Director / Financial Adviser
Carly Davies Museum Mentor